Tuesday, January 8, 2013

bad pics from new room

I had this idea about blogging more or just writing on the internet more frequently in general this year but I don't really know if I have it in me tbh. No one even reads blogs. I'll end up getting a tumblr at some stage this year I bet you. Probably right before I buy an iphone. Jesus. Anyway I moved in to the nicest room in the house I have 2x beautiful views, a desk, and enough space to walk around. Ironically it is now two people friendly, but that is okay I am happy being in this space with all my things around me, decorated in a way I like, as symmetrical as I can make it, alone and content with my work. I have a lot of storage (almost too much really). I have a neat lil drawer just for zines. I've been imagining people coming over just to read them with me on the ground in the sun. Most of the time zines get bought, read once, and stored away messily in a dark box in the highest of cupboards or the deepest of shelves. It'd be nice for them to see the light of day and pass hands more often. I've started taking some into work with me though and putting them up in the magazine racks instead of the New Ideas and the Womens Days. I think it's appreciated. I also found my old books from my childhood that I have placed along the mantlepiece. My favourite ones are: The Roald Dahl Treasury; Treasury of Bible Stories; and, The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit.