Wednesday, February 27, 2013

things i'm going to buy once i start working more

  1. drums (floor and snare (maybe a ride cymbal//hi hats))
  2. steam mop
  3. sim city 5 

Friday, February 22, 2013

NZ Fringe Festival #1

Wheels of Justice 

Group devised piece. You get to ride your bike through Wellington, all around the little side streets and alley-ways. The show follows a murder-mystery formula where groups led by 'cops' try and piece together the puzzle of two different deaths. The first of a prominent council member; the second of a young street artist. This was the first time I've actually ridden my bike around Wellington and it blimmin ruled. The show had a few problems at the start - trying to get lots of people sorted out with bikes (you can hire them). I felt like I was in a CSI/Castle/SVU video game and seeing as those crime shows are my guilty pleasure I felt pretty ecstatic all the way through. 

A Play About Space

Written and directed by Uther Dean. (About space obviously). Deconstructed so you see the props being used in straight up DIY fashion. The humour came from the ingenuity in which the props were used eg. talking into a fan to make a computer voice. Also great performances especially from Paul Waggott who ran around ceaselessly on stage in an array of different characters. This was a really fun watch.

Home / The Hilarious Comedy about How I Nearly Killed Myself / A Play About How I Nearly Killed Myself But Didn't And Then Learned A Lot About Life Afterwards

Written and performed by Freya Desmarais, directed by Penny Lawrence. I saw this last night. I really liked it. Freya Desmarais performs alone on stage and shares with the audience not only how she nearly killed herself, but how she thought and felt and how it maybe effected those close to her. There's also sex and love and lots of boxes. She mentions she isn't a stellar performer and I like that, I like the conversational tone, the imperfections of the piece which mainly boiled down to not being able to hear her at times. It's still very theatrical with sound design and projections and dream-like sequences. It makes a nice balance to the otherwise very colloquial chat. It's funny as well which is great because depression is funny. Wouldn't it be hilarious if depression plays became a thing.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

poetry zine #2

I made this new zine for Wellington Zinefest last year. It's called Nurturing a Healthy Camel-Toe. It's got some new-ish writing in it: poetry and prose. If you want it I'll send you a copy, just email me your address. Same kind of deal with 'Cat' zine.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


So I've written a show for the Wellington Fringe Festival. I'll also be performing in it by myself. It's directed by wonderful actors, writers and directors, Jonathan Power and Kenneth Gaffney who have recently graduated from Toi Whakaari.

There will be some cool things like me dressed up as a vampire with lots of pimples on my face, heaps of extended metaphors about life and death and failed romance, lots of my own personal recollections from my childhood, blood, general endearing charm, Beethovens Midnight Sonata and Taylor Swift.

click this picture for a link to the facebook event page. please come.

'How would you squeeze your zits if you didn't have a reflection?'

It's hard enough being a vampire these days let alone having a face ravaged by acne. I had a name once, but now I go by Vampimple. This is my story of death, loneliness, and dealing with my face. 

Vampimple is being performed as part of the Wellington Fringe Festival.

Show dates are as followed:

Wednesday 6 March, 8:30pm
Friday 8 March, 8:30pm
Saturday 9 March, 8:30pm

**please note NO SHOW THURSDAY 7 MARCH**

The show starts at 8:30pm and will run for about 40 minutes. Please come early to grab a good seat (there are couches). Bring a cushion just in case.


Big thank you to every one involved at Nineteen Tory Street for letting us use the space and being very great and supportive for creative things happening in Wellington! Check out what they are doing here:

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

bad pics from new room

I had this idea about blogging more or just writing on the internet more frequently in general this year but I don't really know if I have it in me tbh. No one even reads blogs. I'll end up getting a tumblr at some stage this year I bet you. Probably right before I buy an iphone. Jesus. Anyway I moved in to the nicest room in the house I have 2x beautiful views, a desk, and enough space to walk around. Ironically it is now two people friendly, but that is okay I am happy being in this space with all my things around me, decorated in a way I like, as symmetrical as I can make it, alone and content with my work. I have a lot of storage (almost too much really). I have a neat lil drawer just for zines. I've been imagining people coming over just to read them with me on the ground in the sun. Most of the time zines get bought, read once, and stored away messily in a dark box in the highest of cupboards or the deepest of shelves. It'd be nice for them to see the light of day and pass hands more often. I've started taking some into work with me though and putting them up in the magazine racks instead of the New Ideas and the Womens Days. I think it's appreciated. I also found my old books from my childhood that I have placed along the mantlepiece. My favourite ones are: The Roald Dahl Treasury; Treasury of Bible Stories; and, The Complete Adventures of Peter Rabbit.