Friday, December 28, 2012

2013 predictions

  1. Will get an iphone 
  2. Will get my heart broken 
  3. make a lil vege garden 
  4. Will find my copy of Orange Box ps3 game disc
  5. Won't play it 
  6. date someone for ~3months 
  7. fuck dating 
  8. make some best friends
  9. band will play some shows, the first one will be terrible
  10. hang out with caro way more
  11. read a lot more of the poetry i like
  12. via borrowing jackson's books 
  13. internet fling (ugh)
  14. send more mail 
  15. fix my bike up and friggin ride that lil dude 
  16. see the great gatsby at the theatres and love it
  17. be incredibly poor all year 
  18. be very stressed out
  19. nearly get a great job but just miss out
  20. fringe festival show will be average 
  21. do some more stand up which will go okay depending on if i finish the rest of buffy 
  22. watch more tv shows 
  23. buy a lot of prints by comics artists online 
  24. get drunk most weekend days (via getting my heart broken)
  25. romanticize living alone 
  26. get a cat 
  27. simba will die
  28. write a few scripts for a tv show and won't do anything with them 
  29. be very emotional
  30. big doubts regarding output and productivity 
  31. become a lot more highly strung about hygiene and tidiness around the flat
  32. have fights with eamonn and hannah but only because we will become a very tight-knit lil family (like brothers and sisters)


  1. 33. go to usa with stacey


  2. hi it's tayllor saw you had this on twitter, you did the bike cross it