Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Kafka Baggage **REDUX**

I made a blog last year with Eamonn and David. It's called My Kafka Baggage. We would just record ourselves sharing our favourite short stories (because short stories are the best) and other people could download them or just listen off the computer and get to hear our favourite writers and so on. We stopped for a while (I don't know why) which was a shame, BUT NOW it's back in business and we're opening it up for anyone to partake in. So, if you want to record yourself reading something please email me alicemayconnolly[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

ghost stories wanted

I'm making a zine for zinefest about ghosts. It's going to be called 'ooooooooo (ghost zine)'. I'd like to include stories by people who have had spooky stuff happen to them. Maybe you have stayed in a house where the doors have swung open or you've heard footsteps when there wasn't anyone around or you've done a seance (that'd be cool to read about (never done a seance (but I have watched Now and Then))). I'd like to collate these stories and put em all together. This is open to anyone so if you would prefer to draw a comic or anything else then that is fine too. It would be preferable to read events that legitimately freaked you out but feel free to take artistic license to any level. I actually wanna make this.

Please email me: with your submissions (in a word doc or jpeg file) by November 1. I'm not going to exclude anyone, and your work will be credited in the zine.

Should also mention that payment will be in a copy of the zine and I'll sell em only to balance the production costs.