Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Your Sister's Sister

Can't believe how many mums and grannies were in this audience and how much they all slobbered over Mark Duplass afterwards. YSS was a really lovely character-driven film with some good acting by Mark Duplass and Rosemary DeWitt, in particular. The script overcooked Duplass' brother's death at the start a bit, I think - it was merely a narrative device to get all the characters together and wasn't mentioned in the second half of the film. This was the film's biggest failure, and yet the naturalistic dialogue was achieved so effortlessly by both screenwriter and actor that it dispelled this hole and even compensated for it by promoting an idea of something like 'realistic recuperation' where the thing you are mourning whether a relationship or a person who has passed away kind of just fades slowly away from your memory. If that was the point then it was well-achieved. Synonyms presumably associated with this film are probably: delightful, charming, hot ass Duplass, cool bike.

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