Monday, August 13, 2012


I saw V/H/S at 4pm in the afternoon, which may not be the most ideal time for horror buffs to have seen it. Thankfully I am not one of those, and so coming out of this film and being (mostly) certain that was I saw was not 'irl' was a comforting relief. V/H/S is a compilation of found-footage (think The Blair Witch Project, Cloverfield) horror shorts that have been cleverly incorporated into the films reality. I like episodic things so I particularly enjoyed the form of the film. Each segment was made by a different director: Ti West, Joe Swanberg, Radio Silence, David Bruckner, Adam Wingard, and Glenn McQuaid. The different shorts were all pretty weird, hideous, vulgar, sick, slimy, bloody and frightening, working within the bounds of the genre. Being 'found-footage' certainly added to the immediacy/intimacy and also I think gave me a little bit of motion sickness. V/H/S is R18 so if you get a chance to see it at the cinema, don't forget your id (I got asked twice (once at the ticket booth and then upon entering the theatre)), and be prepared to be scared and grossed out. My two favourites were the 'skype' and 'haunted house' segments.

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