Thursday, August 23, 2012

presents i could get myself for after uni

  1. nice fabrics to make bunting with 
  2. wooden pegs for a hat wall
  3. knee-length dresses
  4. set of nice glasses 
  5. summer sandals 
  6. seafood platter
  7. snare drum + cymbals 
  8. get rid of clothes (maybe if people wanna do a clothes swap or something that'd be cool)
  9. liquorice 
  10. trip to christchurch 
  11. lots of photocopying for zines 
  12. make a lil pokemon machinima movie
  13. wine (pinot gris/noir (love them pinot grapes))
  14. play ps3 games (not a present but a thing that will bloody well happen i tell you no doubts about it)


  1. I have a list of stuff to buy myself when I get a job that is a perfect combination of essentials I desperately need and extravagant luxuries. Also clothes swap, yes I volunteer myself, can we get lots of people involved cause I have lots of clothes.

    1. yeah absolutely like spring cleaning for yr wardrobe. we could have it here probably or maybe try an make it a tory street thing.