Friday, August 3, 2012

Cabin in the Woods

Even if you don’t see Cabin in the Woods, it will come out soon enough and there is nothing I would recommend more than to firstly watch it, and secondly, preferably with some snacks and some friends. I don’t usually watch horror films, they’re maybe my last choice at the video store, but even I, in my ignorance ‘got’ it, albeit not all the references but at least I understood that they were references, which is mainly the point. Joss Whedon (script) and Drew Goddard (direction) (technically they both co-wrote it) have been heralded as ‘geniuses’ before, and according to other reviews of CITW, seems like they still hold that title. If anyone is interested, Anna Hutchison is in it, famed for her somewhat perverted relationship years and years ago with infamous serial killer ‘Shane Cortez’ in New Zealand’s ‘magnum opus’, Shortland Street. Seems like anything more I say in regards to what I liked about it the most will be a massive spoiler and what I loved was how everything was so unforseen and yet so classically formulaic, but it is madly imaginative and definitely one of the highlights so far, for me.

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