Monday, August 6, 2012

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Any attempt to articulate this film is 1) a wasted attempt and 2) already been done by people who are better-read in film and movies and reviews, or whatever than me, but I have this goal to write a little about the films I see at this years film festival so I'll just give it a go. It has been touted as the pick of the festival, and I wasn't expecting anything so visually and viscerally captivating. There are some similarities between first time director Benh Zeitlin's film and other movies such as Malick's Tree of Life, that I saw last year and maybe even Whale Rider. I preferred Beasts to both of those by far. I am generally a fan of magical realism and that's what I loved about this film, that a unique world was fashioned out events similar to 'real-life'. Plus the metaphorical and subsequently literal 'beasts' were really great. I think the thing I liked the most about this film was the cinematography. Most of the time it was hand-held which gave the film more of a documentary-like quality, but also distanced from Hushpuppy, hardly ever her point of view. Most if not all of the cast are unknown, but excellent performers and despite the destruction of their homes/eating of cute animals they bring a sense of optimism that is just quite inspiring.

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  1. where do people find five year olds who can act like this or like in Tree of Life? Amirite?