Tuesday, July 3, 2012

tasty soup

Hamish's friend Ruby made an inspiring brocolli and violet-petal soup when I stayed last week so I decided to make my own version for Hamish when he came to stay last night. Mine was potato, leek, brocolli and blue cheese. Also butter. And cream. This is a good soup for those who like vegetables but don't care about getting fat. I bought 100g of blue cheese and put half of it in. It was the perfect amount - subtle, but enough that the only extra seasoning needed was salt and pepper. I made a big pot of it by softening onion and the leek in a hunk of butter and then boiling the potatoes and adding the brocolli in last. When the veges finished cooking I mixed in the cheese, let it cool then whizzed it up in the blender. It was a really nice thick consistency, but not too globby, also not too runny. When I heated it up again on the stove I stirred in a bit of cream. The pot I made served me and Hamish two servings each, I had one for dinner tonight and I have one more helping left. The whole experience was a bloody dream, and even better with the grilled flat-bread which I covered in oil and occasionally sprinkled with herbs and spices.

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