Saturday, June 2, 2012

things i've been reading and watching lately

  1. I Never Liked You by Chester Brown: comic about this guy's childhood. Seemed like he had low self-esteem but all the girls were totally hot throughout and were like in love with him. Go Chester.
  2. Sleep Walk by Adrian Tomine: I've read one of his comic books before but I thought it was 'okay'. This is a collection of short (comics) stories and was completely enthralling. I couldn't put it down but I wanted to savour the way the characters and their situations were so engrossing and chaotic and the way that when they peaked the stories abruptly ended. I read it all at once before a party last Saturday night.
  3. Disappear in Light: Documentary on Jo Randerson. I really like Jo Randerson.
  4. Chekov in Hell: Went to this play on Tuesday evening on a slight whim. Some of it was funny. Very fast and farce(ical). The performers were very good at accents and speaking different languages. Real 'post-modern' or something. Good projections.
  5. I've already read these books by Jo Randerson but I read them again. They're better the more I read em I reckon. For uni we had to write this process book and pick a writer we really like and write about them. I picked JR, clearly. This is the best thing (by far) I've had to do for school. I also read The Lead Wait and The Unforgiven Harvest and Fold which are all plays by her that have been published. Next week I am going to see Assisted Living which she wrote and is currently on at BATS.
  6. The Intricate Art of Actually Caring: I saw this the other night. I liked it. Really good naturalistic acting and script in combo with real romantic/poetic shit. Cool. Good OHP work. Good chapter structuring. Good drawings. Funny stuff about Kerouac and 'weeping foreskins'. 
  7. [Edit:] Public Speaking: almost forgot this one. Went to this documentary with some friends. It's by Martin Scorsese about Fran Lebowitz. She's a funny writer. She talks a lot and has a lot of opinions. Her great big massive ego is pretty charming. The film was really great. Good night shots of rainy roads n shit.
  8. Deadwood: Friend that comes into work all the time/used to work there before me, gave me season one to watch. I watched it. Now I don't really know what to do with myself. Like either kill myself or trek down to civic video and hire out season two. Probably the latter. Pretty much the only person who believed in god died in the last episode so it seems unlikely there's Deadwood in heaven. Let alone acceptance of suiciders/a dvd player.

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