Monday, June 18, 2012

Square Eye Pair by Hamish Parkinson and Eli Matthewson

Here is a plug for two mega studs, Hamish and Eli. Their show, Square Eye Pair is going to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August with Rhys Darby and Rosie Carnahan's company, Awesomeness and two other NZ shows. According to Hamish it's real good. Here is an interview he did. SEP has two seasons in NZ before they leave, one in Dunedin and one in Auckland. I am going up to Auckland to see it and hang out with Hamish and, Stacey, Willis, Natalie, Eli, Chris, Samantha, Eva and Pampa hopefully, too.

Here are the posters for the Dunedin and Auckland seasons.

<< Dunedin

Auckland >>

Click the posters for the event info. 

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