Friday, May 4, 2012

things i would like to do/have/be

  1. not do uni or just be smarter
  2. manage my time more efficiently
  3. read more current events websites
  4. write everyday 
  5. have a good immune system
  6. watch more tv shows 
  7. be more social 
  8. talk more in class
  9. wear more beige/brown/grey
  10. see more shows
  11. smaller butt
  12. drink more alcohol 
  13. meet people
  14. be friendly
  15. get my laptop to connect to the internet properly 
  16. remember my dreams
  17. have more energy 
  18. work less hours
  19. do more shows
  20. look like mia farrow
  21. visit mum and dad in woodbury
  22. visit the goat farm 
  23. get my hair cut 
  24. get a back massage 
  25. get my ears vacuumed
  26. stop biting my nails
  27. make better jokes
  28. make more zines and chapbooks
  29. make more videos
  30. throw away clothes i don't wear
  31. own an extremely warm jersey
  32. own a light raincoat
  33. be in a band
  34. ride my bike 
  35. eat more cheese
  36. hang out with more kids/animals
  37. wear more shirts with collars and sweaters with the collars sticking out
  38. road trip nz

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