Tuesday, May 8, 2012

pros and cons of staying at university


  1. honours can be a bit disillusioning i think. i struggled for ages with the academic side of it and felt constantly inadequate. it's probably especially difficult if you've come from a more creative/hands on learning environment, and a more welcoming one at that.

    i'm told that honours makes you a more employable candidate for jobs, just one extra thing that puts you above other people looking for jobs. even if you don't end up doing well, it shows that you took the initiative to continue studying. there could be scope for it to pay off. a lot of the time when i apply for jobs i'm able to say that i have great research skills and i can 'design a program of study' and that i'm 'self sufficient' and that i have 'excellent writing skills'. there are some transferrable things like that which work across the board, but you never know what opportunities will arise, there might be some sort of research job going at a tv station or a film studio that could totally suit you, and having honours in film will send you right to the top above all those other candidates who have been faffing around after they graduated from their arts degree.

    but yeah honours is really gruelling, i have to say, especially if you feel like you want to do it really well. i found that in second semester there became a lot more camaraderie because people were just in the lab writing for hours and hours.. i think in first semester we were all a bit deluded about how much time and effort we had to put in and sort of just 'got by' and then in second semester it really began to dawn how much work we needed to do before our deadline.

    anyway i am overall not sure whether i should have done honours in what i had done or whether i really made the most of it, but i would definitely go back and do it again and i would do it a bit differently i think. it is rewarding, trust me : ) and you feel really good at the end when you can say 'LOOK AT WHAT I DID/WROTE' and everyone's always really impressed that you wrote 15,000 words of stuff.. just, while you're going, remember to keep reading, keep taking notes and cite all your sources!!!!!

    1. you saved my life. this is real good advice. happy with everything again, got a good mark yesterday. just gonna knuckle down real hard, eh.