Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Poor Bastard by Joe Matt

I read this a couple of days ago. Last night my flatmates were watching American Splendor so when I got home from work I joined them. I really like that movie. Despite having read The Poor Bastard the previous day, watching that movie made me feel like I've been neglecting comics or just missing out on some cool things lately. I dunno. I think comics are a good thing for me to read at the moment because they don't require a lot of commitment like novels do.

I got really into this book. Joe Matt is this really self-deprecating guy. Actually it's worse than that. He makes himself look like a real crummy guy, obsessive and fussy and a misogynist. I got really pissed off at him initially for being mean to his girlfriend and being really superficial and having false expectations about women. Then I realised how into the book I was if I feeling so strongly about it. He caricatures all the bad qualities about himself which makes it really funny. 

I like the illustrations too. I like them because they're black and white and have this heavy ink thing going on. Really dig that. It's also segmented, which I like too.

I've read Fair Weather which is about his childhood. I will probably read some anthology of Peepshow next or maybe just issues of it or Spent which is about his porn addiction.


  1. After reading The Poor Bastard, I still think SPENT is his best book. I Reccomend you to check it, if you haven't done that already. I'm waiting for my copy of peepshow to arrive, so maybe that'll change my mind.

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