Friday, May 4, 2012

more things i would like to do/have/be

  1. know the languages: maori, french, japanese, any programming language
  2. whistle with my fingers
  3. know how to taste wine
  4. be able to differentiate tastes in food
  5. knowledge about plants and insects
  6. have a worm farm like my pampa
  7. write a novel
  8. be an irl pokemon trainer
  9. have a lil rural cottage house thing
  10. own a medium-sized dog
  11. play guitar without looking at the strings
  12. have a middle fringe part again
  13. do that paddle-boarding thing
  14. be an architect
  15. work somewhere where i can learn about urban planning
  16. visit some important and attractive monuments/buildings
  17. play piano with both hands at the same time
  18. own a cat
  19. deal with stress in a productive manner
  20. deal with anything productively 
  21. go to: eastern europe, japan, america and other places
  22. moisturize more frequently


  1. i like these lists, i really want to learn maori too

  2. i just put on 3 different types of moisturiser