Tuesday, May 8, 2012

i had a dream last night that my child got kidnapped along with her bag and rabbit plushie and i spent the greater part of my dream looking for the latter two and assuming that the kid will be returned. she was but the bag & bunny were lost forever. during her absence i got really drunk and slept with a guy who turned out to be the love of my life. he was a policeman. his sister had a party and i met his family and it was really lovely; i was a big hit with all of his friends; just being real charming and endearing as all hell. i went to sleep and woke up and went to text the guy but i'd forgotten his name. i remember him putting his cellphone number into my phone so i checked that but it wasn't there. he was seriously a real cutey, wouldn't wanna let this one get away. he even took me out in the patrol car the night before. anyway, in the morning he wasn't there and i asked my friends and they said there was no such guy but that i did get real drunk and brought home some man who ditched after i passed out in the wee small hours and the mega babe was actually just a delusion, a dream within a dream, a euphemism for the delinquent i actually 'slept with'.

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