Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Saturday, May 19, 2012


It’d been very cold and so you pulled me out of the cupboard from under all the towels and the old sheets from the bed you used to have. You wrapped me tight around you, drawing me around your neck. You'd forgotten about my bright colours and the warmth of my fabric and how soft it was on one side, and yet so coarse on the other. I scratched you a little bit but I hugged you tighter and you regained some feeling in your little numb toes. I was very happy that you let me touch you again, that although you used me it was for our mutual benefit: for your comfort and for me, well I just like you. It worked for a while until the trees grew green and I made you sweat. I was heavy and oppressive and you kicked me off you most nights until one Sunday, while bathing in the sunlight on the line, you unclipped me, folded me and laid me to rest once again under all the towels and the old sheets from the bed you used to have.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Poor Bastard by Joe Matt

I read this a couple of days ago. Last night my flatmates were watching American Splendor so when I got home from work I joined them. I really like that movie. Despite having read The Poor Bastard the previous day, watching that movie made me feel like I've been neglecting comics or just missing out on some cool things lately. I dunno. I think comics are a good thing for me to read at the moment because they don't require a lot of commitment like novels do.

I got really into this book. Joe Matt is this really self-deprecating guy. Actually it's worse than that. He makes himself look like a real crummy guy, obsessive and fussy and a misogynist. I got really pissed off at him initially for being mean to his girlfriend and being really superficial and having false expectations about women. Then I realised how into the book I was if I feeling so strongly about it. He caricatures all the bad qualities about himself which makes it really funny. 

I like the illustrations too. I like them because they're black and white and have this heavy ink thing going on. Really dig that. It's also segmented, which I like too.

I've read Fair Weather which is about his childhood. I will probably read some anthology of Peepshow next or maybe just issues of it or Spent which is about his porn addiction.

Friday, May 11, 2012

things to do when hamish gets here

  1. island bay
  2. waikanae
  3. see some shows
  4. woody allen movie before bed 2-3 nights in a row
  5. city gallery, adam art gallery, film archive exhibitions
  6. walk up a hill
  7. hang out in newtown
  8. hang out in petone 
  9. watch him do a show
  10. dinner with simon/alice/erika
  11. dinner with hamish's friends
  12. david merritt reading
  13. bake a cake/biscuits
  14. do nice cooking
  15. go to the library 
  16. eat snacks
  17. hug n stuff

    Tuesday, May 8, 2012

    cool dog blog

    coonhounds are my favourite dog now. plus this guy is doing a cool project where he goes on a road trip for a year and photographs people and records them talking about their lives. 

    p.s. had a good day at uni today so happy and excited with everything again.

    pros and cons of staying at university

    i had a dream last night that my child got kidnapped along with her bag and rabbit plushie and i spent the greater part of my dream looking for the latter two and assuming that the kid will be returned. she was but the bag & bunny were lost forever. during her absence i got really drunk and slept with a guy who turned out to be the love of my life. he was a policeman. his sister had a party and i met his family and it was really lovely; i was a big hit with all of his friends; just being real charming and endearing as all hell. i went to sleep and woke up and went to text the guy but i'd forgotten his name. i remember him putting his cellphone number into my phone so i checked that but it wasn't there. he was seriously a real cutey, wouldn't wanna let this one get away. he even took me out in the patrol car the night before. anyway, in the morning he wasn't there and i asked my friends and they said there was no such guy but that i did get real drunk and brought home some man who ditched after i passed out in the wee small hours and the mega babe was actually just a delusion, a dream within a dream, a euphemism for the delinquent i actually 'slept with'.

    Saturday, May 5, 2012

    celeb lookalikes

    katherine heigl

    nicole kidman

    lindsay lohan

    mia farrow

    scarlett johannson



    bret michaels

    Friday, May 4, 2012

    more things i would like to do/have/be

    1. know the languages: maori, french, japanese, any programming language
    2. whistle with my fingers
    3. know how to taste wine
    4. be able to differentiate tastes in food
    5. knowledge about plants and insects
    6. have a worm farm like my pampa
    7. write a novel
    8. be an irl pokemon trainer
    9. have a lil rural cottage house thing
    10. own a medium-sized dog
    11. play guitar without looking at the strings
    12. have a middle fringe part again
    13. do that paddle-boarding thing
    14. be an architect
    15. work somewhere where i can learn about urban planning
    16. visit some important and attractive monuments/buildings
    17. play piano with both hands at the same time
    18. own a cat
    19. deal with stress in a productive manner
    20. deal with anything productively 
    21. go to: eastern europe, japan, america and other places
    22. moisturize more frequently

    things i would like to do/have/be

    1. not do uni or just be smarter
    2. manage my time more efficiently
    3. read more current events websites
    4. write everyday 
    5. have a good immune system
    6. watch more tv shows 
    7. be more social 
    8. talk more in class
    9. wear more beige/brown/grey
    10. see more shows
    11. smaller butt
    12. drink more alcohol 
    13. meet people
    14. be friendly
    15. get my laptop to connect to the internet properly 
    16. remember my dreams
    17. have more energy 
    18. work less hours
    19. do more shows
    20. look like mia farrow
    21. visit mum and dad in woodbury
    22. visit the goat farm 
    23. get my hair cut 
    24. get a back massage 
    25. get my ears vacuumed
    26. stop biting my nails
    27. make better jokes
    28. make more zines and chapbooks
    29. make more videos
    30. throw away clothes i don't wear
    31. own an extremely warm jersey
    32. own a light raincoat
    33. be in a band
    34. ride my bike 
    35. eat more cheese
    36. hang out with more kids/animals
    37. wear more shirts with collars and sweaters with the collars sticking out
    38. road trip nz

    Thursday, May 3, 2012