Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Urbanized (2011)

This is the last film in Gary Hustwit's design trilogy (the other two were, Helvetica and Objectified). I went to it because my thesis for this year is about urban environments. 

Things about it:
  •  Kind of put into perspective how damned big this whole planet is. Lots of different cities around the world were given their 15mins and the titles introducing them tell you how many people there are in each (Mumbai has 12 million people!!)
  • Phoenix is massive suburban sprawl
  • Killer aerial shots
  • Interviews with architects/'starchitects' (celeb architect) who prefer urban living, pedestrian/cycle friendly cities, and are environmentally conscious
  • Economic, political, social, environmental, aesthetic implications to urban design
  • Empathy with lower classes/slums with no sewerage systems (in Mumbai there is only one toilet per 600 people (pretty atrocious).).
  • Colourful images
  • History of New York urban development - started out by this guy Robert Moses who pretty much fucked everything up and then Jane Jacobs came along who was a real chill writer with real good ideas about urban planning (how it should be organised from eye level not aerial views (which seems so damn obvious, but I dunno)) and was real revolutionary. 
  •  Community gardens
  • ghost towns (detroit)
  • New Orleans rebuild - weird Malibu beach houses courtesy of Brad Pitt
  • street art 
  • Preeminence of civil opinion
  • public sculpture 
It was pretty good though got a bit squashy and sentimental re. civil riots/protesters against demolition of park/old trees/historic building. But in an individualistic way. Like pitting citizens against the politicians, making this people vs the state kind of point. I looked up admin jobs in architecture firms afterwards. Found some good ones in Australia.

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  1. real liked those first two films, must watch this one