Friday, April 27, 2012

my grandad has big ears

my grandad has big ears. his ears are so big he could fit a ship in there and it could sail on an ocean of sound for a whole six months. at the dinner table my grandad wiggles his ears and eats mashed potatoes. his pulls on his ear lobes and scoops a fork-full of peas into his mouth. when he chews his ears move up and down like marionettes.

my grandma knitted my grandad an extra big hat. his ears are so big that normal hats don't keep his ears warm in the wintertime. his new hat is blue and white striped. it has a pom-pom on it. grandad isn't too fussed on the pom-pom to be honest.

my father affectionately calls my grandad 'dumbo'. it's a little joke in our family. he'll say things like 'pass the remote, dumbo' and 'dumbo, would you like a gingernut?' gingernuts are my grandad's favourite biscuit. he is having difficulty eating them these days because his teeth aren't as strong as they used to be.

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