Friday, April 20, 2012

christchurch: 16-19 April

top three christchurch things
  1. hamish 
  2. simba 
  3. alice in videoland

bottom three christchurch things
  1. the palms/east christchurch in general
  2. drizzle
  3. 11yr old 90s gangstas

things i did
  1. watched 'a child is waiting'
  2. watched 'gloria'
  3. watched 'fracture'
  4. watched 'separation city' 
  5. watched 'shadows'
  6. went to addington coffee co-op ~4 times
  7. went to nana's new house
  8. ate snacks with simba
  9. ate mince
  10. went to the new central library
  11. saw a building get pulled down
  12. got a new york deli sandwich
  13. failed at shopping real miserably 
  14. had mexican with hamish, his sister and his mum
  15. ice cream party with matt and megan and hamish

things i didn't do:
  1. go to dress-mart
  2. go to $2 toffs
  3. see my dad
  4. play board games with selwyn and claire
  5. write my seminar

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