Friday, March 23, 2012

something that would make my life better i think

my own little office with a desk, medium-sized and a wooden chair with a cushion on it - the one that my sister made for me, with the map of new zealand on it surrounded by lil korus and sign posts, real kitschy but only in that really good way that is rural art galleries - somewhere about a 15min walk from my house so that i can listen to something on the way down the hill and back up it again also close enough to town so these people that i'll also be making really good friends with can meet me somewhere and we'll have a great time doing things like laughing and being awake enough not to nap in the daytime. it will have a big window that i can look out once i get there really early in the morning and sit reading current affairs and other articles on other websites for about an hour while also honing in on some banana-porridge and a cuppa tea. i'll do some work - some research and some writing and some stressing out about deadlines - and there'll be a bit of carpet big enough for two people to lie down on & i can read on the floor in the sun when it comes around again. i could draw a picture maybe and colour it in or cut stuff out and paste it on other stuff and somehow all of this leading to..leading to a better life maybe something comfortable, you know with money but also peace.