Saturday, March 10, 2012

if you only see one show in your life

I had been looking forward to this show a lot. I saw it last night. It was excellent. For one the poster is really great. Like if home brand had a range of theatre-related merchandise it would almost definitely be sold via this real clever and compelling marketing scheme.

iyososiyl is directed by Holly Chappell (who is doing a Master of Theatre Arts in Directing at Toi Whakaari) in collab with Jo Randerson. I like Jo Randerson (I have not seen any of her shows but I have read two of her short story collections and they are just fantastic). From what I gathered previously in conversation with some of the cast, it was a devised piece. I also heard that this is a new approach for J.R so cool for that I suppose.

It's a show that questions theatre, what the audience expects and why we/they attend theatre. It's a piece very much, I think, for theatre practitioners though other audience members will recognise familiar elements yet maybe not be able to deconstruct some parts. I think I felt a bit like that sometimes (though still thoroughly enjoyed it (appreciating, like by the sounds of everyone else, the irony).

I think the show is kind of about reality performed in theatre (and the paradox that it can only be a representation) and also probably maybe the role of fiction/creativity/imagination within the act of creation. Sometimes this show reminded me less of theatre and more of conceptual videos that are played at art galleries on repeat all day.

The show didn't have a cohesive or linear structure, rather segments of storylines played out separately and then altogether in a big vegetable stir-fry, each vying for our attentions at the end. Every part was mindfully constructed even before we set foot in the theatre: the ushers ushered us in a very ushery way into our seats, cunningly breaking up groups of friends. The tickets were even real 'tickety' (with the rip-off bit like at the movies except card, not receipt paper!) 

Some of the elements/styles of theatre (I think) were: monologue (Chris Parker did real good monologues), dance, in yer face (Tai Berdinner Blades did real good heroin injecting), performance art, music (Tom Eason did real good drumming), violence, the 'review' (Alice Canton did real good overdone review clich├ęs), 'breaking the forth wall' (like, constantly), audience participation, silences, absurdist theatre (Andrew Paterson did really good reading the newspaper with three hands in the rain (he also did real good tap-dancing with chalk)) (and heaps more (maybe some of the things I've mentioned don't count)) and they were all exaggerated which made for a very funny/sometimes shocking performance, which culminated into a very messy and cathartic finale/orgy-thing. 

It was bloody wonderful to be able to see something like this (in Christchurch there is absolutely nothing of the sort) and so now I am very excited to see more cool stuff here. 

The last show was this evening (sorry). 

I liked it heaps.

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