Friday, March 2, 2012

The Artist (2011)

Cinema seems to be getting real nostalgic these days with films like Hugo and The Artist.

I saw this at The Embassy with Jackson one evening in a massive and beautiful theatre (the one up the top of the stairs (definitely the best complex to see The Artist I think, (just for the lush aesthetic, (real 'star power-chic').).).).

We got a good deal on a combo: two drinks, two ice creams and a box of popcorn. 

The story told a similar tale of what I believe happened to a lot of silent film stars: they were really famous and then 'talkies' were introduced and they sort of faded into Hollywood obscurity. The story has been told a lot Sunset Boulevard, Ed Wood. The Artist is a pastiche of the silent era, never actually becoming a silent film of course, having a soundtrack (not a live orchestra) and also introducing dialogue right at the very end.

My favourite parts were:
  • The dream sequence
  • The dog 'uggie' (dumbfounded as to how this lil pooch did not win an Oscar for best supporting actor)
  • The beginning 'film within a film'
  • The physical comedy/slapstick humour 
  • John Goodman 
  • The titles (eg when he was about to shoot himself)

I didn't really like Peppy Miller, or the end that much (just couldn't see how tap-dancing was better than speaking) but it was nice to see a contemporary portrayal of the silent era, bearing in mind that this fictional and not a 'biopic' or whatever - I don't think complete historical accuracy was necessary, just an appreciation of early cinematic form and consistent application of codes/conventions within contemporary framework. 

God that lil pooch, though. Best acting I've seen all my dog-damned life.

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  1. dig this review. i felt a bit detached from all the hype about it myself, but i like the costumes and things..