Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a list of good things

  1. god bows to math
  2. pairs
  3. the grand chancellors
  4. thee oh sees (seriously good)
  5. making my way round town
  6. fruit and vege markets (bloody cheap (like a weeks worth of fresh produce for $10ish))
  7. eating real well
  8. having a real good boyfriend who is really funny and nice to me and nice to everyone else too
  9. the best flatmates
  10. space bitches 
  11. eli and chris 
  12. sleep
  13. finding richard brautigan books at stacey's favourite second-hand book store
  14. got into my course at vic
  15. sam shepherd 
  16. outkast 
  17. the library
  18. the city art gallery 
  19. tobias and richard makin' mean space sounds
  20. ice haven
  21. joe matt
  22. vacuum packed tofu 
  23. udon noodles 
  24. writing stuff for school and for other things 
  25. found a skirt that i like and got it
  26. people wanting 'cat'
  27. twin peaks
  28. peanut butter birthday cake 
  29. coffee
  30. the song collective
  31. delia
  32. lucy
  33. kathleen
  34. andrew
  35. ruby
  36. chris (again (hi chris))
  37. got a job

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