Monday, February 27, 2012

Christopher Stratton took this nice picture of Hamish and I in one of the rehearsal rooms with nice wallpaper at BATS. Hamish cut my fringe and it was a bit wonky but I didn't fix it.

SPACE BITCHES opens tomorrow. You should probably come.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

earthquake remembrance day

this morning i cried into my porridge and banana and yoghurt while sitting at the dining table, looking out the window at a lot of wellington.

other things i ate were:

  1. tea
  2. chocolate danish
  3. mochaccino
  4. avocado and peanut butter sandwich
  5. pineapple fritter
  6. banana fritter
  7. chips
  8. hot chocolate 
  9. mandarin

Friday, February 17, 2012

cat revistited

sorry to bring this up again but i decided to make more of 'cat' since lots of people wanted a copy. i thought i could keep it going so if anyone ever wants one then you can just email me and i'll make one up and send it to you. cool.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Should we stay or should we go?

click here for the link to the official fringe page
Hamish, Jackson and I went to this show last night. It was really good. Nancy Kniveston and Brad McCormick are a real life couple. Nancy is from the UK and Brad is from NZ and they are going to get married in April but they can't decide where to live (UK or NZ). They present their arguments to the audience with funny use of:
  • chalk 
  • ipod speakers
  • fast gestures
  • audience participation
  • live photography
  • boxes
  • passionate pashing
  • a fight
  • a banana
Jackson got asked up on stage to play the role of 'nancy's brother'. He was very good. He fist-bumped Brad. The audience appreciated that a lot. Some people heckled the performers and it was okay. Nothing bad happened. The show went for about 45minutes. Maybe 50. They're performing at BATS theatre every night until Saturday. At 9:30pm. You should check it out if you're in Wellington.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

a list of good things

  1. god bows to math
  2. pairs
  3. the grand chancellors
  4. thee oh sees (seriously good)
  5. making my way round town
  6. fruit and vege markets (bloody cheap (like a weeks worth of fresh produce for $10ish))
  7. eating real well
  8. having a real good boyfriend who is really funny and nice to me and nice to everyone else too
  9. the best flatmates
  10. space bitches 
  11. eli and chris 
  12. sleep
  13. finding richard brautigan books at stacey's favourite second-hand book store
  14. got into my course at vic
  15. sam shepherd 
  16. outkast 
  17. the library
  18. the city art gallery 
  19. tobias and richard makin' mean space sounds
  20. ice haven
  21. joe matt
  22. vacuum packed tofu 
  23. udon noodles 
  24. writing stuff for school and for other things 
  25. found a skirt that i like and got it
  26. people wanting 'cat'
  27. twin peaks
  28. peanut butter birthday cake 
  29. coffee
  30. the song collective
  31. delia
  32. lucy
  33. kathleen
  34. andrew
  35. ruby
  36. chris (again (hi chris))
  37. got a job

Sunday, February 12, 2012


hot as (single) cat, simmy

This is the lil zine of poems/stories (that are probably poems) that I made for zinefest a lil while ago. I made more copies. There are eight left which I will send away for free/swaps to anyone who wants one that doesn't have one (anywhere in the world). If you want one you should email me: alicemayconnolly[at]gmail[dot]com

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Space Bitches

I'm in this new play by "massive babe" Hamish Parkinson. It's called Space Bitches. Seems cool. He describes it as 'glamour' with a lot of emphasis on the 'a' and the 'm' and the 'r'. Don't read into that too much, I'm just trying to describe it phonetically. There is a lot of glitter in the play. There is a very distinct style to the play which is a lot different than other plays. This is not realism (or any other form of it). It's also really funny. I am excited about this. I haven't been in anything like it before. Or even seen, maybe.

There are lots of people involved. They are: Hamish Parkinson, Delia Cormack, Lucy-Mary Mulholland, Kathleen Burns, Andrew Todd, Christopher Stratton, Ruby Reihana-Wilson, Tobias Brockie, Richard Marks, Michael Bell, Ralph McCubbin Howell, Jonathan Phillips, Erin Harrington. They are all really cool and nice.

The play is part of the Wellington Fringe Festival. It's on Feb 28 - March 3. You should come. My mum is. Click the picture on the side for the event.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Robin

Raf thought it was real cool how they got the afternoon off school for the tournament. The bus came and picked them up by the gate; they waited in pairs and some off them played hand clapping games. Roger was a few rows behind him singing "under the bam-bushes". Raf just stood there next to some girl with skin coloured cotton briefs on (he only noticed when she bent down to tighten her shoelaces). An older guy, André, was being led across the grounds in the distance by the deputy principal. He was swearing and his face was all scrunched up. He always got in trouble. Raf didn't really talk to anyone on the bus. He sat up the front. That's where the people who didn't have much to say sat. Everyone else sat at the back. Roger was there, at the back, in the middle, smiling and laughing a lot and singing another song, this one was about diarrhea and all the girls were sparkly eyed and giggling and swinging their legs into the aisles and touching their hair.

The courts were all lined up next to each other. It made it easier for the round robin that way. They didn't play proper matches like the professionals. They only played three sets. The courts he normally practised on were concrete and a bit gravelly and Raf would run around a lot and often fall over and graze himself. One day I will play on clay he thought while he was watching Shakira videos after school at his Nana's house.

Raf won all of the games in the robin and found himself in the finals with Roger. Roger had on a red ralph loren polo tee and white shorts which hung off his hips in a way which accentuated his calf muscles. Raf couldn't understand it either but there they were, marinating in his perfect tan. No one really knew that Raf could play let alone well because he got private lessons from his uncle, not from the school coach Jenny who came into teach on Wednesday lunch times.

Roger won the first set 40-love and some boys on the side line called Raf a faggot. A group of blonde girls with olive skin made up a chant for Roger. 1-2-3-4 LETS GO ROGER. They clapped their hands and jumped up and down, giggled a lot and touched their hair.

Raf won the next two sets 40-30, and advantage two. At home he swished three teaspoons of Milo into a glass of milk, put on a Bikini Kill record and looked at the space on his wrist where a few years later a Richard Mille RM027 Tourbillon watch valued at half a million dollars would be.