Monday, January 30, 2012

stitches by david small

It’s a pretty big book. I thought it’d take me longer to read than it did. It took me less than an hour i think. I read it on a bus. Most of it is just pictures of parts of the house where he grew up and other 'settings'. It’s a memoir. I liked it heaps. I usually like stuff like this a lot. I found it really touching. The book is split up into age-segments. It’s about how he had a lump in his throat and had it removed but his vocal cord was cut out too and he thought it was an accident until he found out that it was cancer. Neither of his parents told him he had cancer. He read it in a letter his mum wrote to someone. The book, while about this, is mainly ‘about’ his parents i think and his relationship (a real bad one) with them. Seemed like they didn’t like him that much/if at all. Surprisingly though as he matures in the book, the portrayal of his parents grows kinder. It reflects on the familial cycle of nurture/nature most poignantly in the bit where he goes and visits his grandparents (psycho grandma). The drawing is pencil and watercolour or something but in black and white. It’s an interesting look at people, unhappy people and their shitty lives and how some lucky ones get to be happy eventually (like david) but some are eternally doomed in their misery until they die (his mum). I feel like the ‘moral’ was an individualistic one. Like ‘you create yr own destiny’ or something.

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