Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the beastie boys only write love songs

i stalked my ex boyfriend on facebook in a way not dissimilar to how i used to stalk him when we were going out

he is married now

his profile picture is him and his ‘wife’ holding each other on the right side of the frame and on the left there is a car

i don’t know why i wrote ‘wife’

it’s his legit wife

in her picture she's in the same dress as the one in his picture

the white one with the fluffy little coat thing

and he’s doing something like smiling which is nice

and something i am not accustomed to i think

so i guess that was their wedding day

her name sounds a bit like ‘lasagne’

i think i said that when i saw him a few years ago

he did a lil laugh that was only meant for polite conversation

that day i asked him what he did for a living now and he said

“pullin’ tit”

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