Monday, January 30, 2012

stitches by david small

It’s a pretty big book. I thought it’d take me longer to read than it did. It took me less than an hour i think. I read it on a bus. Most of it is just pictures of parts of the house where he grew up and other 'settings'. It’s a memoir. I liked it heaps. I usually like stuff like this a lot. I found it really touching. The book is split up into age-segments. It’s about how he had a lump in his throat and had it removed but his vocal cord was cut out too and he thought it was an accident until he found out that it was cancer. Neither of his parents told him he had cancer. He read it in a letter his mum wrote to someone. The book, while about this, is mainly ‘about’ his parents i think and his relationship (a real bad one) with them. Seemed like they didn’t like him that much/if at all. Surprisingly though as he matures in the book, the portrayal of his parents grows kinder. It reflects on the familial cycle of nurture/nature most poignantly in the bit where he goes and visits his grandparents (psycho grandma). The drawing is pencil and watercolour or something but in black and white. It’s an interesting look at people, unhappy people and their shitty lives and how some lucky ones get to be happy eventually (like david) but some are eternally doomed in their misery until they die (his mum). I feel like the ‘moral’ was an individualistic one. Like ‘you create yr own destiny’ or something.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

doom patrol by grant morrison

Been getting a lot of comics out of the library lately. Wellington library is the best thing and one of the reasons I moved actually (not even kidding). I liked reading The Invisibles which was by Grant Morrison as well. I got out The Filth at the same time as Doom Patrol. I liked them both more than The Invisibles I think. 

Doom Patrol is originally by Arnold Drake. From the silver age of comics, I read, which is something like 1956-1970 (says wikipedia). Morrison kinda just bought into the trade I guess. I haven't read the original doom patrol comics but I've gathered this kind of thing happens a lot with the whole DC/Marvel thing (Doom Patrol is DC). 

This is called: The Painting that Ate Paris. It's really good because it's about this apocalyptic painting of a painting of a painting of a painting and so on. The baddies get hold of the painting and want it to eat up the whole world. The doom patrol and the baddies get sucked into it and every level of the painting reflects a different art movement: impressionism, expressionism, cubism, surrealism etc. There's this big force shaped like a horse that gets stronger and stronger in the painting (too strong for everyone to deal with) except for this one girl called Jane (part of the doom patrol) who has multiple personalities. I really liked how she had all these different characters. I think everyone has that in some way. I think I definitely do like that one time where I had an alter-ego called Leonora Noir which now sounds like some lame-ass burlesque stripper name but is actually a combination of Leonora Carrington and film noir (so so lame). Anyway, I've done away with her and now there are just alternative me's with varying degrees of aggression. 

The baddies in the book were cool too. The leader was called Mr Nobody and he was just an abstract black shape. Another baddy was asleep whenever she had to fight. She was called Sleepwalker. 

The art was cool too. Different perspectives and stuff which was kind of disconcerting but in a good way (complemented the narrative etcetc). Sometimes the art was really frightening and sharp, other times it was soft and dreamy. There was also this weird narration that was confusing to figure out where it was coming from. I liked it though. I understood it as being like some 'higher power' or unconscious or like a meta-fictional nod to comics on a whole like the comic was talking at me simultaneously conversing with me but also reminding me that I am reading a book and it's not real. I dunno. All of Grant Morrison's work seems really philisophical too. There was a lot about Freud and Descartes. Seemed a bit ambiguous which side of the fence he was on though. Left a lot of unanswered questions/vague statements about all of that stuff. Pretty cool though. Seems like to really 'get it' though I will have to read earlier doom patrol comics. Just to get a better picture of the characters, the history etc.

Friday, January 27, 2012

shows i'm pissed to miss

  1. beirut 
  2. fleet foxes
  3. the damned
  4. hall & oates 
  5. laneway
  6. scott kelly (neurosis)
  7. 'crims' on at bats when i'm in auckland

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

a list of good things

  1. thomas pynchon
  2. swell maps
  3. sparklehorse
  4. kurt vile
  5. joe "cheers bud" sampson
  6. simba
  7. 2012
  8. bare feet
  9. john cassavetes
  10. welcome/tofu
  11. colette 
  12. coke zero 
  13. mount victoria
  14. stacey and james
  15. human nature (2001)
  16. jackson and caro
  17. the botanic gardens (wellington (though by far not as good as chch gardens))
  18. nothing by blake butler
  19. hugo
  20. plane lollies
  21. not courtenay place at nighttime
  22. richard linklater 
  23. daniel clowes  
  24. erika
  25. simon
  26. the filth 
  27. frank stack 
  28. kissed her little sister
  29. kind of like spitting 
  30. lora 
  31. lora's friend will
  32. sangria 
  33. homemade pizzas
  34. azealia banks 
  35. doom patrol
  36. sherlock holmes 2: a game of shadows

Monday, January 23, 2012

Sunday, January 22, 2012

poems written in 4th form

found these the other day. wrote them with my friend lora. i gave them to her as a present.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

existentialists shouldn’t live on hills

i walked past a restaurant with some friends in this new city which i moved to with a higher cost of living and no income into a house right at the top of a hill with a beautiful panoramic view of things like buildings and hills and trees and a harbour and boats and the museum and behind the house is a big park and sometimes people walk through our property to get back to their house with probably less steps to climb up and in the park are baby pohutukawa trees with tiny blooming cradles of red. the restaurant had a ‘part-time staff’ sign up and i thought about fate and how fate is silly because things just happen, there is no invisible hand unless we are talking about market economics (which we are not by the way) and how i should probably apply for that job because of: 1. i need money; 2. i was thinking of staying in; 3. if i had stayed in i would not have seen that sign and; 4. it is in a very convenient location to my house (about a 2min walk)–also let’s not disregard the semantic significance of the word ‘sign’ perhaps and this is starting to sound a lot like fate, this getting a bit silly but also silly is maybe not taking certain opportunities when they arise and also silly is caring about all of this because everything is inherently meaningless anyway –why would i move away from familiarity into a place which is sort of just exactly the same futile existence but expensive and with more hills?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

wellington: day with jaxxx and caro


top quality snacks. not present: 72% cocoa chcolate

guys that played a lot of hackey next to us

frisbee hat

best playground equipment ever

wellington: back yard

five fish in a bath-tub pond!

compost bins

trail up our garden

clearing outside the house where there were maybe séances

hannah reading in our back yard which is also mt vic lookout park thing

three-tiered vege patch (overgrown)

my favourite thing about wellington so far

wellington: house

my room

the view from the lounge

the 'boot room'

james and stacey cookin real fast

tut 'n' phant

francis (coppola)

blurry as pic of night (way better irl (as you could imagine))

bloody great mornin sun