Wednesday, December 7, 2011

xmas/birthday wish list

here are some things i want for xmas/my birthday

  1. licorice gift pack (saw it at new world)
  2. anklet socks in grey, cream and black
  3. new lenses
  4. people to come to the log cab party
  5. people to hang out with me and laugh at my jokes
  6. student allowance application accepted + back-pay
  7. 1Q84
  8. big book on led zep in scorpio books atm
  9. red wine
  10. white wine 
  11. gin + ginger ale
  12. power cord for ps3
  13. coloured pencils/felt pens
  14. sunblock


  1. it may be a lil late, but when we hang out in wellington i'll get you heaps of red wine to drink together :^D

  2. such a good list, i hope you get all of these things