Saturday, December 10, 2011

today is the start of my birthday week. my birthday is on thursday. i am testing out a new philosophy where i really like my birthday. i like this more than when i didn't like my birthday because that made the end of november and december full of anxiety and stress and sadness.

i am having two official parties this week. the first one is today and the next one is next week. you can come to the one next week if you want. just click on that goat pic on the side for more info.

another thing that is happening is this show tonight:


sorry about the bad quality of the picture. we are supporting panther and the zoo and tono is playing too. i think this will be a really good show. here is the link to the facebook event.

i think for the rest of my birthday week i am going to celebrate other peoples birthdays, eat lots, play the drums, read, watch movies, throw out things i don't need (slowly de-stuff my life): we move to wellington in a few weeks, you see.

seems real good.


  1. Birthdays was the worst days, now we sip champaign when we thirstay!