Thursday, December 8, 2011

things mum and dad said when we watched nirvana live at the paramount on dvd together

kurt cobain family xmas bonding + rockin' out. this is nirvana man.

  • the bassist must have really long arms - mum
  • this is really quite brilliant ya know because it is the actual concert - dad
  • smells like teen spirit is the next one - dad
  • there's a girl dancing on the side of the stage with 'boy' on her t-shirt - dad
  • there's a girl with 'boy' on her - mum
  • he looks bloody depressed - mum
  • I think when we went to lake rotoiti we played this song on the jukebox - dad
  • what sort of guitar is that? - mum
  • what sort of bass is that? - mum
  • what sort of drums is that? - mum
  • it must be hot in that bloody jersey - mum
  • his pickups look strange I think he had some modifications done on his guitar - dad
  • wasn't he going out with,  courtney cox? - mum
  • big bloody sneer drum... shit it's big as anything - dad
  • he's got a hole in his jersey! - mum
  • jeeze he's going fast isn't he? - dad [watching 'breed']
  • ha ha ha ha .. body surfing.. whatever you call it - dad
  • he's using a different guitar now, sandy - dad
  • go ben! - dad [start of 'sliver']
  • clean the kitchen up - mum
  • interesting camera work - dad