Friday, December 16, 2011

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 21. Some people like my mum and dad think that this age is like a big deal or something. It isn't. Despite that I have been really excited for my birthday, I don't even know why, just to be excited about stuff I suppose and because "everything is fantastic" (Jackson Nieuwland, 2011). I've never had a good birthday. At least not in the last two or three years. Usually my birthdays were anxiety-ridden, depressed, lonely times where all I wanted to do was either die or sleep forever. That was the general feeling of the festive season actually. This year though was real good.

Hamish took me out for dinner on Wednesday night and then we hung out with Eamonn while I made a 'come to my party' video. We watched a movie and drank wine after that.

In the morning I got out of the shower and Jono smashed Happy Birthday by The Beatles for me. It was awesome. I started giggling while drying myself. Everyone was laughing.

This is what I got dressed into:

it's flowers on flowers. Seemed really apt for birthday outfit. Stacey gave me the dress when she was here and it is my favourite dress now.

I went to university because I am doing summer school. The course I am doing is Kiriata: Maori and Indigenous Cinema. We watched Avatar. I found lollies in my bag and ate them. I also returned a big pile of dvds and books off for Hannah. They were all really good books and dvds too. Was real happy about how good Hannah is at stuff. 

I bought a bottle of vodka for my party. I'm making punch. 

I came home and Gina gave me three cookies she had just baked and I had a bit of wine that was left over and had a lil nap. I woke up and made another 'come to my party' video. 

Mum and Dad and Nana picked me up and we went out for dinner with my cousins and their grandparents. It was my cousin's birthday as well. He was 22. I ate HEAPS of pizza and had a glass of pinot gris. 

I went home and then went to the Darkroom and watched Commander Robot, Delaney Davidson and Double Ya D play. It was Delaney's birthday as well. I was going to say happy birthday but he kept talking to other people. I had a cider and then Aine bought me another one and I did dancing with her and Tyne and Matt and Chris. I also hung out with Ben and Hilary.

Double Ya D was awesome. Real good. Made me feel like the answer to music is just real good beats. He had on this real lush 70s blue suit and smooth as moves.

I biked home. It was raining a lil bit. I really pounded the pedals. Made my quads feel real tight. Wanted to work off some of that pizza, ya know. Eamonn and Hannah were still up and I filled up a HWB and went to bed. Fell asleep straight away. Had dreams about my university transcript.

This was a real good day. People were really nice to me and I got a lot of nice emails and messages and facebook posts saying hb and stuff. I got lots of cool pics and videos as well. 

Really pleased with everything.


  1. y seems like a happy letter. probably because it is the first letter in yes. here is a capital y for you: Y