Saturday, December 17, 2011

the infamous peterbd sends me a birthday treat

alice may connolly's birthday is today and she is 20-something. here are 20-something reasons why alice may connolly is the cutest and most cuddly 20-something in the whole wide world

8:04 PM (17 hours ago)

to me
21. she is a cool person

20. she is a nice person

19. she is a talented person

18. she gives the best shoutouts

17. she is from the 4th happiest country on the motherfucking planet

16. being from a happy country must be the best, therefore alice is the best

15. she is endearing as hell

14. she is a smart person

13. she is as talented as michael jackson

12. if she ran for miss new zealand, she would probably win

11. she is self-deprecating

10. she looks like she makes delicious food

9. she outrapped lauryn hill in a cipher

8. she gives off good vibes

7. she is crafty

6. she will fuck somebody up if they mess with her friends

5. she will help you with her homework

4. she is an incredible orator

3. everybody loves her (including aliens!)

2. she is inspirational

1. this one time, she sent me a video of her saying the word 'twerk'

this is why peterbd is so great and everyone loves him (because he is very nice and fun).

also my party is tonight. you should probably come to it.

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  1. Wish there was footage of that cipher. That would be HIGHLY BLOGGABLE