Friday, December 30, 2011

Garage Sale

Here is the event link
We're having a garage sale tomorrow. If you are in Christchurch you should come to it because there is a lot of fun and practical things for real cheap and also free. We are moving out in about a week and then going to Wellington so we want to have as little stuff as possible.

There are things like bookcase, grout, books, dvds, posters, chairs, clothes, cameras, hats, sheets, rugs, mirrors, liquor cabinet, lamp- off the top of my head.

It starts about 8am. There will be a bbq lunch probably because it is meant to be a nice day. Bring something to bbq. We need to use up the gas.

I have been throwing out a lot of things and it makes me feel good to get rid of all the clutter. It has taught me about how I value things. Almost nothing has any monetary value to me. The things that are important I am keeping. Though this isn't a lot of things. I dunno. Mainly photos. And paints. And exercise books I have and have not written in. I think throwing things out holds more value to me than selling them. Gonna go for a real minimal existence next year. Well. Gonna try.

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