Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: a year in narcissism

I went to a party the other day and at the end of the night when there were only about six of us left we shared our top 5 things of 2011. Mine were:
  1. not being depressed and suicidal anymore
  2. wearing jeans and sneakers
  3. being 'honey' in 'who's afraid of virginia wolf'
  4. people coming to my party
  5. hamish

Other real good things have been:
  1. hannah
  2. eamonn
  3. jono
  4. maddy
  5. the log cabin
  6. meredith being really proactive 
  7. mum and dad
  8. being in videos
  9. new friends
  10. reading a lot 
  11. zinefest
  12. playing the drums
  13. drawing
  14. writing 
  15. being generally more 'involved' in things

Interesting things that have happened:
  1. got a wart on my face

Seems like 2012 will be cool and stuff probably/(hopefully).

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