Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: a year in narcissism

I went to a party the other day and at the end of the night when there were only about six of us left we shared our top 5 things of 2011. Mine were:
  1. not being depressed and suicidal anymore
  2. wearing jeans and sneakers
  3. being 'honey' in 'who's afraid of virginia wolf'
  4. people coming to my party
  5. hamish

Other real good things have been:
  1. hannah
  2. eamonn
  3. jono
  4. maddy
  5. the log cabin
  6. meredith being really proactive 
  7. mum and dad
  8. being in videos
  9. new friends
  10. reading a lot 
  11. zinefest
  12. playing the drums
  13. drawing
  14. writing 
  15. being generally more 'involved' in things

Interesting things that have happened:
  1. got a wart on my face

Seems like 2012 will be cool and stuff probably/(hopefully).

Friday, December 30, 2011

Garage Sale

Here is the event link
We're having a garage sale tomorrow. If you are in Christchurch you should come to it because there is a lot of fun and practical things for real cheap and also free. We are moving out in about a week and then going to Wellington so we want to have as little stuff as possible.

There are things like bookcase, grout, books, dvds, posters, chairs, clothes, cameras, hats, sheets, rugs, mirrors, liquor cabinet, lamp- off the top of my head.

It starts about 8am. There will be a bbq lunch probably because it is meant to be a nice day. Bring something to bbq. We need to use up the gas.

I have been throwing out a lot of things and it makes me feel good to get rid of all the clutter. It has taught me about how I value things. Almost nothing has any monetary value to me. The things that are important I am keeping. Though this isn't a lot of things. I dunno. Mainly photos. And paints. And exercise books I have and have not written in. I think throwing things out holds more value to me than selling them. Gonna go for a real minimal existence next year. Well. Gonna try.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

presents i actually got

  1. cash
  2. 3 or 4 prezzy card things
  3. farmers voucher
  4. whitcoulls voucher
  5. baking dish
  6. pizza stone
  7. recipe book w/ secrets about food
  8. photo frames with photos
  9. scarf
  10. moisturiser cocoa butter things
  11. pictures/posters/drawings/handmade 
  12. romantic dinner
  13. moleskin notebook
  14. bouncy ball
  15. 2 more notebooks
  16. 2012 day planner 
  17. john cassavetes biography 
  18. national geographic from the year of my birth (1990)
  19. seahorse necklace
  20. pendant necklace thing (real classy)
  21. chocolate (a lot)
  22. fartbombs
  23. beige carmen san diego spy jacket
  24. designer cupcakes 
  25. belt 
  26. holographic v. mary w/ bb. jesus
  27. lil sheep figurine
  28. hoyts voucher
  29. people coming to my party 
  30. evil spiderman mask 
  31. scratchie card 
  32. actually heaps of other stuff i can't even remember 
  33. whoever said people with birthdays around xmas don't get many presents obviously did not have their birthday around xmas

things i didn't get
  1. a goat with erect ears
  2. a goat with floppy ears
  3. a goat with 'gopher ears'
  4. a goat with 'elf ears'

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

second woman

She wrapped her mouth around the words when she spoke like hugged them with her lips and I wanted in there and her boyfriend introduced himself to me he was nice but it was cold in the shade. When she was saying it, whatever she was saying her eyes grew wide she really wanted all of that to flood her irises and then I assume to dribble out her mouth. She really used those eyeballs looking everywhere at everything and nothing in particular-- everywhere except for me but only because for some reason I was special, that she cared about what I was hearing and that she wanted it to sound appealing. We got real fruit ice creams after that and they melted all over our hands.

Monday, December 19, 2011

A list of good things

  1. stacey and jackson
  2. zinefest 
  3. big collections of zines i got from it
  4. russell edson
  5. sonic youth 
  6. missy elliot
  7. hip hop dancing 
  8. drive
  9. daniil kharms 
  10. alice munro 
  11. akaroa
  12. elliot smith
  13. raw vegetables
  14. pep*mint-T
  15. f* kittens 
  16. jono's cool blog
  17. maddie's cool blog
  18. birthday week
  19. presents
  20. hamish 
  21. new felts and coloured pencils and socks and ear-phones 
  22. chocolate berry cake
  23. mount vic house with cool people
  24. moving real soon
  25. documentary about 70s hollywood can't remember the name
  26. my niece and nephew and brother coming to visit
  27. hamish's mum and sisters
  28. double ya d
  29. dancing
  30. playing a xmas party and getting lots of food and dessert
  31. present josh gave me: big book on john cassavetes, bouncy ball and lined notebook
  32. the condemned by noah cicero 
  33. my party
  34. presents
  35. my friends
  36. my flatmates especially: hello!
  37. eddy's house
  38. drawing
  39. home alone 2
  40. chris isaak

    Saturday, December 17, 2011

    the infamous peterbd sends me a birthday treat

    alice may connolly's birthday is today and she is 20-something. here are 20-something reasons why alice may connolly is the cutest and most cuddly 20-something in the whole wide world

    8:04 PM (17 hours ago)

    to me
    21. she is a cool person

    20. she is a nice person

    19. she is a talented person

    18. she gives the best shoutouts

    17. she is from the 4th happiest country on the motherfucking planet

    16. being from a happy country must be the best, therefore alice is the best

    15. she is endearing as hell

    14. she is a smart person

    13. she is as talented as michael jackson

    12. if she ran for miss new zealand, she would probably win

    11. she is self-deprecating

    10. she looks like she makes delicious food

    9. she outrapped lauryn hill in a cipher

    8. she gives off good vibes

    7. she is crafty

    6. she will fuck somebody up if they mess with her friends

    5. she will help you with her homework

    4. she is an incredible orator

    3. everybody loves her (including aliens!)

    2. she is inspirational

    1. this one time, she sent me a video of her saying the word 'twerk'

    this is why peterbd is so great and everyone loves him (because he is very nice and fun).

    also my party is tonight. you should probably come to it.

    Friday, December 16, 2011

    My Birthday

    Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 21. Some people like my mum and dad think that this age is like a big deal or something. It isn't. Despite that I have been really excited for my birthday, I don't even know why, just to be excited about stuff I suppose and because "everything is fantastic" (Jackson Nieuwland, 2011). I've never had a good birthday. At least not in the last two or three years. Usually my birthdays were anxiety-ridden, depressed, lonely times where all I wanted to do was either die or sleep forever. That was the general feeling of the festive season actually. This year though was real good.

    Hamish took me out for dinner on Wednesday night and then we hung out with Eamonn while I made a 'come to my party' video. We watched a movie and drank wine after that.

    In the morning I got out of the shower and Jono smashed Happy Birthday by The Beatles for me. It was awesome. I started giggling while drying myself. Everyone was laughing.

    This is what I got dressed into:

    it's flowers on flowers. Seemed really apt for birthday outfit. Stacey gave me the dress when she was here and it is my favourite dress now.

    I went to university because I am doing summer school. The course I am doing is Kiriata: Maori and Indigenous Cinema. We watched Avatar. I found lollies in my bag and ate them. I also returned a big pile of dvds and books off for Hannah. They were all really good books and dvds too. Was real happy about how good Hannah is at stuff. 

    I bought a bottle of vodka for my party. I'm making punch. 

    I came home and Gina gave me three cookies she had just baked and I had a bit of wine that was left over and had a lil nap. I woke up and made another 'come to my party' video. 

    Mum and Dad and Nana picked me up and we went out for dinner with my cousins and their grandparents. It was my cousin's birthday as well. He was 22. I ate HEAPS of pizza and had a glass of pinot gris. 

    I went home and then went to the Darkroom and watched Commander Robot, Delaney Davidson and Double Ya D play. It was Delaney's birthday as well. I was going to say happy birthday but he kept talking to other people. I had a cider and then Aine bought me another one and I did dancing with her and Tyne and Matt and Chris. I also hung out with Ben and Hilary.

    Double Ya D was awesome. Real good. Made me feel like the answer to music is just real good beats. He had on this real lush 70s blue suit and smooth as moves.

    I biked home. It was raining a lil bit. I really pounded the pedals. Made my quads feel real tight. Wanted to work off some of that pizza, ya know. Eamonn and Hannah were still up and I filled up a HWB and went to bed. Fell asleep straight away. Had dreams about my university transcript.

    This was a real good day. People were really nice to me and I got a lot of nice emails and messages and facebook posts saying hb and stuff. I got lots of cool pics and videos as well. 

    Really pleased with everything.