Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stacey and Jax come tomorrow!

Here is a list I made of things to do with them when they come down and stay with me:

  • go see goats
  • look around the inner city at all the crumbly buildings
  • walk in the port hills
  • go to lyttleton/corsair bay and go swimming
  • soccer club (play soccer with friends)
  • sandwich club (eat sandwiches with friends)
  • boogie boarding club (boogie boarding with friends)
  • bake a cake
  • see my mum and dad and cat
  • sit on the porch and read
  • hot chips on the lawn
  • you can come watch band practice maybe if you want
  • go to a music show
  • go to the darkroom and drink homemade ginger ale
  • go to akaroa/around the peninsula (is really nice)
  • make a zine
  • bike rides (there are lots of bikes that you could use (with adjustable seats heheh).)
  • watch the movie i have to watch for summer school class with me
  • watch other movies
  • watch a tv show together
  • do a ustream
  • wheatpasting
  • kick a ball at the park
  • play tennis
  • do a movie thing
  • make a video of us eating something decadent for laurens


  1. can't wait 2 meet simba plus all the other stuff hehehe

  2. let me know what time you guys are going to eat sandwiches. I'll eat one too.