Thursday, November 24, 2011

A list of good things

  1. Shane Jones
  2. Rosie and her family/food
  3. Monday soccer club
  4. Biking
  5. Summer school
  6. Being really full
  7. Toro Y Moi
  8. Free posters 
  9. Nathan Bulmer
  10. Sleeping in
  11. the thunderdome festival thing 
  12. best behaviour by noah cicero
  13. night cycling
  14. gina baking delicious food eg biscuits 
  15. peanut butter hot chocolate
  16. this video about the earth's population
  17. t54 at the darkroom
  18. backwards corduroy cap
  19. tall dwarfs 
  20. the slits 
  21. jackson and stacey and hamish 'donut' parkinson coming real soon
  22. lentils
  23. 'robinson' from 'london' and 'robinson in space' by patrick keiller 
  24. going to see pop strangers, ghost club and shayne carter for free (thanks james) and them all being real awesome
  25. wtf with marc maron
  26. guitar wolf
  27. sharpie crows
  28. watching roxie do ballet and contemporary dancing at her dance show
  29. hip hop dancing
  30. rose's leaving party
  31. courtney, fran, simon, james, rose, alice, neil + dancing 
  32. ustream where susie was in america irl 
  33. percy sledge 
  34. ben and steve 
  35. the spit children by jo randerson
  36. Mary Lynne Rajskub 
  37. contagion with dan and matt and snacks
  38. jono having drinks with his friends who are real cool
  39. pretty much having a whole snack cupboard atm
  40. hannah and meredith being really great flat hunters
  41. the election (tryin2b optimistic)