Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Lady Nijo #1

Reading this book at the moment called The Confessions of Lady Nijo. She is a historical figure around like 1272. In 1307 or something she wrote this book that has been translated as The Confessions of Lady Nijo. It is the only document of her life. She was the mistress of emperor GoFukakusa but had lots of other lovers at the same time. She was real respected for that. Seems cool. Anyway, learning a lot about life in Japan at this time. One of the things they do is write each other poems. It is good etiquette for a man to send a woman a poem the following day after they have spent the night together. One of the poems goes like this:

Even you, my lord
Felt the strangeness of this dawn.
Traces of you linger still
As you might know by my sleeves.

Decided I would write some poems like this while I read the book. New series. Seems doable. 

At a bar
Merivale mums
are pashing and
taking off their clothes

getting really confused between
the sake of pleasure and
the pleasure of sake

how about those Collisions biscuits, eh?

the smell of spring rain
seems real zen 
mum said,
"take your rose coloured spectacles off, dumbass"

talking to mum about my love life
"and then we're going to get married and have babies"
real low sort of raspy growl from the back of her throat

when mum's away 
dad goes to 
breakdancing competitions
and trims the lavender

every time i sit down my cat jumps on me and dribbles
this must be how you feel every time you log into facebook
can't w8 2 dribble on you irl

thinking about someone a lot
sort of assuming they like you too
they like U2

want a pony
want a dog
want a goat
need a haircut

filling up my hwb on warm nights
because it's nice to have some company

real into this mechanical pencil

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