Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stacey and Jax come tomorrow!

Here is a list I made of things to do with them when they come down and stay with me:

  • go see goats
  • look around the inner city at all the crumbly buildings
  • walk in the port hills
  • go to lyttleton/corsair bay and go swimming
  • soccer club (play soccer with friends)
  • sandwich club (eat sandwiches with friends)
  • boogie boarding club (boogie boarding with friends)
  • bake a cake
  • see my mum and dad and cat
  • sit on the porch and read
  • hot chips on the lawn
  • you can come watch band practice maybe if you want
  • go to a music show
  • go to the darkroom and drink homemade ginger ale
  • go to akaroa/around the peninsula (is really nice)
  • make a zine
  • bike rides (there are lots of bikes that you could use (with adjustable seats heheh).)
  • watch the movie i have to watch for summer school class with me
  • watch other movies
  • watch a tv show together
  • do a ustream
  • wheatpasting
  • kick a ball at the park
  • play tennis
  • do a movie thing
  • make a video of us eating something decadent for laurens

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When a City Falls

Directed by Gerard Smythe

On Sunday I went to my parents house. I went because they rang me up and wanted to talk to me about some things. Something to do with my birthday maybe and something else. My nana was there. Nana is a really small old lady with a big nose and every month she shrinks a little. One day she will fit in the palm of my hand and she will still shriek 'CLEAN YOUR ROOM' like normal except she won't be able to pat my butt anymore because she will be too small. I did some readings for university on my laptop on my favourite chair in the lounge and Nana's dog came up to me and wanted a pat and I obliged. Nana's dog is called Narni (I dunno my cousin named it) and she is a Miniature Schnauzer and a bit fat. She yelps a lot and chases my cat, Simba. Simba is like "oh for fucks sake, bitch" and hides in the linen closet. After Nana left Mum asked if I wanted to go to the movies with her and Dad. We went to When a City Falls which is about the Chch earthquakes. Five seconds into the movie Dad started crying. I ate some hot, honey-roasted peanuts.

The movie was good I think. It was sad and all of that obviously but it wasn't really melodramatic. I guess I'm kind of biased though because I live in Christchurch and had to deal with it. The film shows 'humans being ripped apart but then coming together' - there's a big emphasis on the 'people of chch/new zealand/overseas helping each other out' - but I felt sort of alienated I think at the time from other New Zealanders because I felt like they just 'didn't get it'. I felt so far away from everything at the same time as being so close to my city/the people/the land here at the same time as being frightened of it. When I was watching this film I started thinking about people outside of Christchurch and how they cared and I understood that they may not have been there to experience it but they felt somehow connected to it anyway. I guess I ended up identifying with the people I felt so far away from/resented even, at the time. 

It paid attention to the loss of nice historic buildings and the financial aftermath for residents and people being nice and things. My favourite part was when Garry Moore and James Lunday talk about their visions regarding urban design and James goes to San Francisco and Portland and New Orleans (and takes Smythe with him). San Francisco had an earthquake with lots of liquefaction but instead of running away from it they built a city (a massive stadium even) on it, after they prepared the ground nicely again. Basically what they want is to encourage inner city living, bicycle and foot traffic, and discourage suburban sprawl. 

As a 'documentary' the film was fairly objective I think in terms of portraying the general chaos and devastation etc throughout Canterbury. It let the people and the land tell the story. A memorable moment was the handheld camera on the Basilica on Barbadoes Street and Smythe's reaction to the impact the earthquake had on it. 

Another interesting thing was the behaviour of the audience. People were very vocal and muttering things to each other, humming and haa-ing and agreeing and tsk-ing and laughing and so on throughout the whole thing. It was quite nice. No one got told to 'shh'. Lots of people cried. 

I think this is an important film for New Zealanders to see. John Key's in it too, and he's not glorified. In fact he bungles up a lot things such as getting into either a truck or a golf cart and general conversation. Bob Parker reminds me a lot like Clarence Royce/Clay Davis from The Wire. 

Seems like a good flick to catch with yr parents or something. Also Reading Cinema snacks are much cheaper than Hoyts.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

A list of good things

  1. Shane Jones
  2. Rosie and her family/food
  3. Monday soccer club
  4. Biking
  5. Summer school
  6. Being really full
  7. Toro Y Moi
  8. Free posters 
  9. Nathan Bulmer
  10. Sleeping in
  11. the thunderdome festival thing 
  12. best behaviour by noah cicero
  13. night cycling
  14. gina baking delicious food eg biscuits 
  15. peanut butter hot chocolate
  16. this video about the earth's population
  17. t54 at the darkroom
  18. backwards corduroy cap
  19. tall dwarfs 
  20. the slits 
  21. jackson and stacey and hamish 'donut' parkinson coming real soon
  22. lentils
  23. 'robinson' from 'london' and 'robinson in space' by patrick keiller 
  24. going to see pop strangers, ghost club and shayne carter for free (thanks james) and them all being real awesome
  25. wtf with marc maron
  26. guitar wolf
  27. sharpie crows
  28. watching roxie do ballet and contemporary dancing at her dance show
  29. hip hop dancing
  30. rose's leaving party
  31. courtney, fran, simon, james, rose, alice, neil + dancing 
  32. ustream where susie was in america irl 
  33. percy sledge 
  34. ben and steve 
  35. the spit children by jo randerson
  36. Mary Lynne Rajskub 
  37. contagion with dan and matt and snacks
  38. jono having drinks with his friends who are real cool
  39. pretty much having a whole snack cupboard atm
  40. hannah and meredith being really great flat hunters
  41. the election (tryin2b optimistic)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Best Behaviour by Noah Cicero

This is the best book I've read in a while. Jackson lent it to me. I read The Human War which is also by Noah Cicero, his first book, and this is his latest one. I liked THW a lot and I read interviews with him on the internet where he talked about how Best Behavior was the hardest book he's written because he had to get in the minds of lots of different people. It was really evident in the minds of like Tom and Petra in the book I think. I liked the different settings, how Benny goes from Youngstown to New York and the different people in those places. The places are described in this sort of honest, matter of fact way. He talks about the absurdity of life and I really liked that described in this honest way, like that's how life is and there is no use contesting it, just accept it. It was kinda defeatist I suppose. But good. Throughout the book was a political and philosophical commentary, which I guess is like Noah Cicero's 'thing'. I thought about how I have identified with being a sad person or a happy person, and actually I'm both. Or neither. Just a person/thing. Trying to be really happy all the time is depressing and so when I feel sad I've been feeling like a failure or dishonest or something. Not anymore though yeahyeahyeah. In saying that I hardly get sad anymore. That's pretty cool. Until I do and that's okay too. Jackson and I have a thing where when we get sad we say 'that is pretty funny' so being sad ends up being hilarious. Also in this book the characters change and Benny's (Benny is the main guy) relationship with them changes and it's so interesting and natural. Yeah. I think Noah Cicero is one of the best writers atm.

Monday, November 21, 2011

lost vs found

things i have lost

  • coloured pencils
  • power supply to ps3

    things i have found

    • condoms
    • candy bra
    • pink fluffy handcuffs
    • bits of denim
    • fairy lights
    • previously misplaced paintbrushes
    • spaceman candy 
    • valentines day chocolate flower
    • coloured paper
    • toe socks
    • elephant birthday book
    • formal photos
    • used band-aid

    lost: 2
    found: 13

    in conclusion: i am much better off now, having lost some things, than i was before i lost them.

      Wednesday, November 16, 2011

      Lady Nijo #3

      been talking about you a lot to a lot of people

      get fucked 
      and then
      get fucked
      amiright ladiez

      sandwich baby

      will this peppermint tea make me wee myself in the night?
      i hope not

      the day couldn't decide on the sun
      or the wind
      i am the day
      seize me

      gonna bake a cake for a lil kid
      one day i'll have lots of these things

      your toplessness is giving me an anxiety attack

      thinking of
      making a zine
      of these lil poems
      seems easy

      marshall mallicoat's nice lighting, webcam and

       took me a while to get in2 'max payne'
      missed the first 10mins because i watched
      'the tourist' right beforehand

      mila kunis is so 'nasty'

      my life is too good
      i'm sorry
      actually i'm not
      thank you

      je vous aime
      (just thought i'd slip some french in here)

      a rhyming
      rhyming couplet
      rhymingcouplet a
      rhyming couplet
      a couple rhyming
      i love you

      you are just so...

      being real full is the bloody best

      is there a personality disorder where the main defining feature is just 'real annoying'?

      life decisions:
      any choice
      is the right one

      finished reading
      the confessions of lady nijo
      by lamplight
      as moths gathered
      t'ward a plug-in moon
      and with confused embittered
      wings bruised
      they all died
      lil dumbass moths