Friday, October 14, 2011

Watchmen by Alan Moore, Dave Gibbons, John Higgins

I started reading this one evening before I went out to a show. The show was C Spencer Yeh. It was amazing. Should listen to C Spencer Yeh. Anyway, I finished Watchmen on Monday when I was sick. I liked it so much that I watched the movie straight afterwards. The movie is okay. But the book rules. I liked how loyal the movie was to the book though. Yesterday at uni I saw a girl with the t-shirt of the smiley-face with the blood/tomato sauce splatter and I smiled at her and muttered 'nice tee' under my breath but she didn't hear me for she was wearing headphones. I immediately liked her though. That goes to show how good Watchmen is I guess.

Reasons why it is good:
  1. Characters are retired superheroes. The whole superhero thing is treated realistically kind of like in Batman Begins. It's some time in the future and there has been some law passed that bans superhero practice. So there are all these ex superheroes just 'doin life', going through existential crises and yearning for some butt-kicking.
  2. There are breaks from the 'graphic novel' in the form of 'newspaper reports' and diary entries and excerpts from an autobiographical book one of the characters has written. I really like that. It made the world of the story more realistic for me. 
  3. Real good colours. 
  4. At the end of every chapter is a quote from like, Bob Dylan, Elvis Costello, Einstein, Nietzsche, Jung, the book of Job and others.
  5. I don't know heaps about superhero comics/graphic novels but from what I've noticed they deal a lot with 60s politics. Watchmen deals with the assassination of JFK, vietnam war, the cold war, the space race. but with more science. 
  6. Extra info/hidden meanings in the artwork. 
  7. Stories are told from a range of perspectives. Got real into the characters. 
  8. Questions identity and morality and intellect and philosophical theses like determinism and nihilism (felt like I learned [more] about these things).
  9. Violence + blood.
  10. Sex.
  11. Everyone I have talked to about this likes/loves it. It's clearly objectively good.
After I read and watched Watchmen it was like, 'what is real life'. I like that feeling after reading/watching/enjoying a book/movie. Just being totally immersed in the whole world. I think everyone should read this.