Saturday, October 15, 2011

Really choice thing

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I've been working/helping out at this thing this week. It's a caravan that has been converted into a cinema! It's the coolest thing. I'm just helping out Nick, the main guy who is running it, but it's a pretty big job so it's nice for him to be able to take a break and talk to someone. I met Nick properly at the film festival and he is really great and knowledgeable about film. I've learned a lot being around him I think. It's at the fanzone, less of a rugby thing but along the whole celebrate New Zealand vibe. I really really love it. The caravan has been decorated in this really sweet 70s decor, there's lil lamps with shades with fringes, crochet blankets and brown/orange colour combos. It seats about 15 people and it's FREE so people just walk in and out as they please. There is a big flat screen tv mounted on the back wall and a hard drive with lots of films on it. All the films are short nz films such as: two cars one night, playing possum, stroke, the six dollar fifty man, signing off, kitchen sink. Here is the actual list. Also there is an imac set up with the internet which people can go on and look at the nz on screen website and can even stream videos off the database there. There is a whole flying nun collection of music vids. I'm working there all day tomorrow so I'm going to check that out and watch the films I haven't seen before. Wanna watch some Billy T clips too. Seriously this is the coolest thing. There is also an ipad mounted onto the wall which takes a picture of you and replaces a character's face with your own face from a video clip and then emails it to you. Basically my role is to just play the films for people and tell them a bit about them and make sure that I play suitable films for the audience that is there, so for instance I wouldn't play Kitchen Sink to a bunch of children. I really hope this keeps going and travelling around the country.

If you are in Christchurch you should come hang out with me tomorrow. It's at the fanzone by like the café thing and sort of opposite the stage where bands play. It's pretty hard to miss. I'll be there from 10 til about 6 and will play you cool stuff. You can even bring in snacks if you like. Also there is a collection of sweet postcards that you can just take for free.

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