Thursday, October 27, 2011

realistic expectations

just sort of thinking a lot about like identity and self and
constructions of self and authenticity while i wee
and that i always change the toilet paper roll
like i must be the only person in the flat that changes the toilet paper roll
and why is this

on skype i try and be genuine but i come across as mental or conceited
i just want to pat someone on the back when i talk to them
like get up all in their space
like pat pat pat lil puppy do you want me to chase you

i chased a dog around my friend’s house
i got really excited just like the dog
i legitimately couldn’t understand why nobody else was playing this fun game

i put my computer on my pillow so it was like the person was there but
it was nothing like the person was there
and i hung up
and there was an email from someone it said

people that feel good should help people that feel bad
just like people who have a piece of bread should share it with people who don’t have a piece of bread people should be nice like jesus i guess
or if the bread is mouldy they should feed it to the ducks because ducks will eat anything like that and feeding the ducks is a really
nice idea


  1. It's not even having to change the toilet roll, 'cause really it's not a big deal, just kinda in principle would be nice if other people did it occasionally eh.

    The dog was playing your game. The dog get its.

  2. sad people have no bread. what kind of people are the ducks?