Saturday, October 29, 2011

on love and sleep

here i am, writing you love poems late into the night or into the early morning i can’t tell which. there you are ruining my chances of a nice long sleep where i wake up refreshed and not sick with the flu or what have you. here i am sort of scratching my head thinking about what nice things i can say about you that will be simultaneously telling and mysterious enough that you will be both sure and uncertain about who this really is about. what if i told you it was really about me and that i am just incredibly self absorbed or what if i told you after that that this is an allegory really for society and consumer culture or postmodernism you would probably believe that because everything is about society and consumer culture blah blah fuck that. i want to buy you things i want to buy you a boat that we can sail in i want to buy you a PhD i want to buy you really expensive bread, you know the one with all the extra bits the seeds and stuff i want to buy you fun electronic equipment i want to buy you a printer/scanner/copier multifunction and i want to buy you a big house which you will live in with me (somehow i will buy us that you love me) and all the stuff we’ll put in it and i want to buy you an animal that you love probably a dog and i want to buy you a -shit sorry i’m feeling dozy now got really droopy eyelids i better sleep now or i will never-

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  1. really feelin it, feels like the undertones of everything i write ever =)