Wednesday, October 26, 2011

manic story

These days I’m not sure if I’m happy or just consistently manic. I feel like it shouldn’t be looked down on like a bad thing, because most people aren’t that consistent with anything. I feel like being consistent with things like happiness and optimism are probably good for the psyche and others in my general proximity. If I was a consistent alcoholic it would be a bad thing probably or if I was consistently falling over. It’s like being being sort of manic is the norm now I can’t even remember what being sad was like what is it like to be sad I don’t know what is it like to be sad I don’t know what is is it  it like to beb eb be sad I don’t know. Like I feel really good I want to tell everyone how good I am feeling I want to be friends with you I want to touch you and kiss you and I want you to smile at me with shiny eyes and I want to do things that will make you happy even if they are at my expense even if for a second I look bad or  or o roro silly. All I want in the whole world are you listening to me? Okay. It just looked for a second that you weren’t. No no it’s alright. I just. I just. All I want in the whole world is where are you going come back I want to make you happy not though in relation to me I don’t want you to associate your happiness with me I just want you to be happy like me like generally just happy like you are happy all by yourself do you think you can do that?