Sunday, September 4, 2011

one year ago to this day there was a massive earthqauke at 4 something in the morning i got shook out of bed while trying to finish off a story for a creative writing class it was lucky i had cleaned my room up a few hours earlier because I had a fort in which I was sleeping under all my furniture which would have fallen on me and probably trapped/killed me I keep thinking about this time last year and how bloody depressing it was (I was) I am glad I suppose that I have a better life now or something it's nice that I can acknowledge that too I guess.

Wrote a story thing. It might be a poem though. I'm not sure. Anyway it's up at hip hip hooray press.



  1. Do you remember that nonsensical phone call we had?

  2. yes. it was like

    1. hey are you okay thanks for calling me
    2. i didn't call you, you called me
    1. oh shit
    2. are you okay though?
    1. yes. no. i'm scared.
    2. i love you bro
    1. i love you too bro
    2. l8az
    1. bye