Sunday, September 18, 2011

cool show thing in christchurch

Um so last night I went to The Threepenny Opera which is a play/musical thing by Bertolt Brecht from like 1928 or something. This was put on through the drama groups at university, directed by Erin Harrington. I really enjoyed it. I dunno. In terms of production value or something. Especially for like a non professional show. Is that like a backhanded compliment? It's not meant to be. It was really funny though and the singing was real good too. Like everyone could actually sing. When my high school put on a production of South Pacific no one could sing. Maybe like the main girl but not the boy despite his extreme attractiveness. I think the only reason he got a role was because he was super hot. Though his total sucking at singing was kind of endearing.

Anyway there are some good singers/actors/funny people in it eg: Rachael Norcross, Harriet Prebble*, Maria Webb, Oonagh Beharrell, Jason Pemberton.

Erin Harrington seems like a really great director as well.

This is on this Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday at the Jack Mann Auditorium at 7pm. Tickets are $12 for students and $15 for other people on the door. If you're in Christchurch and this seems interesting or something you should go probably. Link to facebook page.

Also they give you candy, which seems like a sweet incentive/kind of like a funny plea to force enjoyment like just be real nice to the audience and they will applaud. Or maybe it is a way to create the whole 'distancing effect' thing which Brecht was all about like 'don't passively lose yourself in the characters/narrative, remember that you are a member of an audience and you are watching a play look! you're eating! the world performed in front of you doesn't exist only the one in which your mouth is salivating over yum-as candy does'. 

*Just want to add that I went to school with Harriet and we did drama together and she was like the best and consistently excellent I feel like she should act in everything ever forever.

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