Monday, August 22, 2011

The Trip (2010)

Directed by Michael Winterbottom
Starring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon

Seems like someone said something funny. But I'm not entirely sure.

I went to the Billy T movie. It was really good. You should definitely see it. During the movie my friend Joe text me saying "do you wanna see the trip tonight?" or something like that. Those may not have been the actual words. I said sure thing sounds good. It was at 8:30pm. After the Billy T movie I went back home and checked my email and then Joe picked me up and we went out to Northlands. 

Joe was wearing jeans and a beige jacket. There was a seagull sculpture in the backseat. I asked why but I have forgotten now. He drove really safely to Northlands. I told him he should go around a corner because I could see before he could that it was clear. I told him he could trust me but he still stopped to see for himself. I guess he doesn't trust me.

We got to the movies and tried to find a park. We found a park. It was pretty easy to find a park. I think a film had finished so a lot of people were leaving. I overheard a man say "don't go to the tree of life". 

We took the escalator up to the movies. I asked especially if we could. I said "it will be the ride of your life". It was okay. Just a normal escalator ride I guess. 

We waited in line at the candy bar. There were three lines and I couldn't decide which one I wanted to queue in. A man cut in front of us but he seemed smiley and chatted to the girl working. I thought 'that's fine'. 

The Trip was sold out. Even the house seats. I asked especially. It was packed. We didn't see this movie but I suppose the massive turn out might be an indication that maybe it is quite good/funny? I dunno. You can decide that. 

We went to Countdown to get beers/wine/bananas. I got bananas. At the checkout I didn't have my drivers license on me so Joe couldn't get his wine. Seemed like a bummer for him. I didn't care because I had my bananas. The bananas were/are really good. Like a lil bit green still. I like firm bananas. I like cutting firm bananas into my porridge in the morning with a sharp knife which sounds like "thhhkkk thhhk thhhhk" and then they plop into the porridge and pile up. Then I usually mix some sugar and a lil cinnamon in it.

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