Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Potential by Ariel Schrag

I read this a while ago but I remember being excited about it after reading Awkward and Definition and writing a post about it so I should probably write something about the sequel as well. I really really enjoyed this comic. Ariel Schrag's drawing changes/has evolved a lot since Awkward and Definition. Potential is still in the same style and the same form, but there are these dream sequences that A&D doesn't have. The artwork gets fucking cool. Or it's just different. I think I prefer the artwork that is not the dream sequences; still more cartoon-y (I am bad at describing stuff I don't know much about) but it's nice to see how she experiments I suppose. Potential is a lot more sexier as one would expect from a 16 year old (I dunno, would you expect that???) and it is really sweet to see her fall in love with people and I dunno just deal with relationships. I want to deal with relationships like Ariel Schrag.

Some things that happen in the book:
  1. Ariel Schrag has a boyfriend
  2. Ariel Schrag gets a girlfriend called Sally
  3. Ariel Schrag loses her virginity to a boy
  4. She also loses her virginity to a girl (it's hard to tell which one happens first because she thinks at the time that it only counts when it is to a boy but maybe her views re. that have changed now, I dunno)
  5. Ariel Schrag is still really good at science 
  6. Heaps of girls and boys like Ariel Schrag 
  7. She makes new friends
  8. Ariel Schrag goes to gigs 
  9. The terms 'butch' and 'femme' come up and I think Ariel Schrag is nervous about categorization
  10. Ariel Schrag is particular about clothes.
  11. Ariel Schrag does not want to be the one to initiate sex all the time despite having a much higher sex drive than Sally, her partner
Usually I buy books from the Book Depository. Currently Likewise is 'unavailable' though. Likewise is the last book in this trilogy. It's a really big book too. I'm excited to read it. Another thing I did was email the woman who made the Ariel Schrag documentary because I wanted to buy a copy but she hasn't emailed me back. Seems like a bummer. My buddy Benjamin King commented on my last post with this link here. It's to her website. People should look at it if they want/didn't see it before.